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Thanks for making Triggi. The app is now really useful for me with the possibility to use scenes with Hue (I was using it before but only on/off was possible back then).

I have a question about the location channel - I have a 2 person household and would like to be able to use the location channel. With the Hue app geofencing, the lights turn off when 1 of us leaves the house so the person still at home is in the dark. How can we use the location channel on the same account for 2 separate mobile devices? Is this possible with Triggi?


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Hi @Frank-NL,
We hear this question more and more and we are looking for a good way to solve this. We don’t really support it right now out of the box.
A hack you can use is the following (We can’t guarantee good results every time!)

  • Open Triggi on the other phone with your own account
  • Make a new Location in the Location channel also for your home. But make sure to name it different (e.g. Home Partner)
  • You can now make a trigg like this one where the lights will only turn off when both of the phones are not at home.

When you use Android you could also do this with your WiFi network. Remember that both Location areas and WiFi networks are read from your physical phone and not your Triggi account. So any location area you make on a phone is only available on that specific phone.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks. I’ll try to make this work!

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