Link Gmail as a trigger to Olisto Connect

This post describes how to use labels applied to incoming Gmail as a trigger for Olisto. The reddit link at the bottom gives the instructions and the Google Sheets script needed.

IFTTT and Stringify previously had the valuable capability to use Gmail received as a trigger with a conditional test based on the Gmail label applied to the message. Since Gmail lets you define custom filters to automatically label incoming emails, that lets you trigger specific actions based on the subject or content of a received email. I used it for example to set a colour bulb when important email was received, or to show when I had an outstanding notification from various sources that send notification emails.

Unfortunately Google recently terminated that type of external access to Gmail as a security risk, so IFTTT and Stringify dropped their support for it. Fortunately someone came up with the creative idea to duplicate this capability using Google Sheets and a simple script that polls your email regularly. Google Sheets is still allowed to access your Gmail inbox since it’s internal to your Google account.

I modified their script slightly to call Olisto Connect and pass the Gmail label as a value instead of forwarding the email with the label appended to the subject line. The instructions and my modification to the original script to support Olisto are in this reddit thread: