Link between olisto and Google home app

App version: 2.26.0
Phone OS: Android 7.1.1
Problem description: when trying to associate Olisto in Google home app, it goes to which appears to be a blue page without any possibility to put my address or password.

I would appreciate if somebody could help me.


Hi Benoit,

Apologies for out late response. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hello Joanna. Don’t worry and thank you to answer.

Yes, I still have the problem. In Google home app, I try to add Olisto Now. I find it and it goes to but I only see a blue page.
So unable to login.

If You can do something…


Hi Benoit,

I just checked with my colleague and it seems it should work. Could you send me in pm the exact url you get directed to?

Just a summary for anyone who might experience a similar issue in the future - the problem was solved when Benoit changed the language settings to English. We will look into preventing this in the future!

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