Legrand Home + Control

App version: 2.32.0
Phone OS: ________
Problem description: el canal Legrand se desconecta al poco tiempo de agregarlo, y aparece “!”. Hay que volver a a conectarlo para funcionar con el.

Yes, indeed. Impossible to connect to the Legrand channel.
I tried several times. Connect, reconnect, delete channel, nothing works.

Somebody found a fix already?



Where does it fail? Are there any error messages? Can you add screenshots?

Hi Daniel,

Thxs for replying.

Screenshots attached.



Hi Wouter, could you try again? I found and fixed a number of issues with the Legrand channel.

Hi Daniel,

The connection to Legrand channel works.

Unfortunately not any action is possible or light switch is recognised.

The Netatmo channel recognises the switches but i can only give the degrees :exploding_head:


Nobody home??

Any one looked at my remarks?