Jaargetijden of months trigger

I would like a way to add a condition where the current month is equal to a range of months.
For example the sunblinds should only be activated from March till September. This could be added to the channel ‘date & time’ under ‘Day’ as ‘Month’, with options of the 12 months.
Another way would be when the sunrise or sunset is within a certain time range.

Have you tried the date channel?, when date is period, then start 1/3/2020 - 1/9/2020.

Both your requests are available in the kaku own app, if that’s what you’re looking to trigger

Thank you, that does exactly what I was looking for.
In the mean time I found out that setting this rule for the sunblinds is not giving the desired result.
Now I use the outside temperature, outside temperature prediction of the day and the inside temperature of the Nest.
This way I can use the sun heat in fall and spring to help warm up instead of the sunblinds going down and the heating going on…
The temperature ruling is enough and no need to rule out some months or period of time.