Is there a webinterface to create triggs

I’d like to create triggs behind a pc. I can’t find any access to a webinterface. so if there isn’t any then it would be nice to create one.

Hi Bartjan,

You’re right. There isn’t a webinterface. Yet. It is on our roadmap to create a webinterface for Triggi. What sort of triggs would you like to make that are hard to do on a mobile interface?

I hope you can add it fast because the triggs are small on the Phone :wink:

Don’t know yet, but i gues I prefer to be on a pc when i program to have a better overview. I guess the options could be unlimted.

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Would be realy nice to have a web interface in order to create/program with a larger interface.

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Would be great to have this on top of the apps.
A lot easier to manage a list of triggs, and possibly have more functionality like copy/paste triggs …

A web interface would be a great. Would make it a lot easier to create, copy, duplicate and view your triggers.

Would be nice to have a web interface indeed!

Just to keep this request alive…

Will there ever be a web interface within the near future?

This would be really nice to have.
Certainly if there would be options like duplicating triggs, editing, sorting etc. etc.