iOS Widget gone

App version: 2.27.2
Phone OS: __14.2 iOS
Problem description:

There does not seem to be an iPhone widget, although the FAQ states you have one?

It’s there. I’m using it :wink:

here on multiple Ios 14.2 devices - no widget unfortunately

@Remy, could you shine a light?

Using IOS 15.2.1: can’t find a widget…:pensive: Anybody a suggestion?


Hi! Sorry to hear your widget disappeared. I’ve just updated my phone to 15.2.1 and my widget is still where it should be. Did it disappear for you right after the upgrade or did you take different steps? Also, which model are you using?

I’ve removed and readded it. Maybe you’ve tried it before but in any case these are the steps I took:

-> Go to your widgets page
-> Scroll down and click Edit
-> Scroll to find Customise section, click it
-> Find Olisto in More Widgets list
-> Add the widget, click Done

Please let me know if you cannot see Olisto on your list.

I am using my iPhone XR with 15.3. I already logged out and in again. No improvement. Rebooted. No improvement. I deleted app and reinstalled it. Also no improvement. What else can I do?

Could you please confirm that you do not see Olisto in “Customise” section of the widget, in “More Widgets” list?

There are two places in which you can add Widgets.
:x: One is where you click a + icon in top right corner. You will find many widgets there, e.g. Weather, Calendar, and other basic apps. This is not where you will find Olisto.
:white_check_mark: On the other hand, you can go to the “Customise” section and edit that. There you will find widgets from e.g. Whatsapp or LinkedIn as well as our Olisto widget.

I hope this works the same on your phone, else I will look into it to find out why it’s not visible for you.

I tried using both methods. The 2nd method now has resulted in Succes. How do I get the widget on my home screen?

Hi again! Great that you were able to find it :slight_smile:
In the current state, unfortunately, you cannot add it to the Home Screen. Our widget had been created before Apple rolled out the new widget system which is also available on the Home Screen. So the only place where you can access it right now is on the far left screen where you added the widget. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will discuss within the team if we can easily upgrade the widget but it is not our top priority at the moment so it might be that the change won’t happen anytime soon. I hope you can still use it in the current state.

Best wishes,