Would it be possible to get IKEA TRÅDFRI support in the future?

It seems to be similiar to Philip Hue

Hi @rharmsen
We would love to support the IKEA TRÅDFRI, but we need IKEA’s help with that as well. We are looking out for the right contacts and see what’s possible. So keep an eye out for future updates.
Of course it doesn’t hurt if people would send messages to IKEA to say they want support for Triggi with their products… :wink:

Hi any news last post was from april

Hi, no news yet…
But it’s good to know the KlikAanKlikUit system supports the Tradfri lights as well. So you could use KaKu as a hub for your Ikea lights. We already support those connections.

Hue also can act with ikea lights

Hi there
Any news about Tradfri, which now works on both Homekit and Google home?

Or should I buy a hue bridge to control my Ikea bulps instead?

Just connected 2 IKEA TRÅDFRI lamps to my ICS-2000 hub of KAKU and created a few scenes to drive them.
Then let Olisto connect to those scenes to work. Great