If door open 1 min then

App version: last
Phone OS: Android
Problem description: Is it possible to create a triger IF Door open more then 1(… or more) min Then …? Sonoff DW2.Thanks!

Yes, this can be done with the timer channel. It will need several triggs:

  • If door is open, start timer X for n seconds
  • If door is closed, stop timer X
  • If timer expires and timer ID is X, Then do things

You will have to enable expert mode to get access to the Timer channel (on More -> Profile and settings -> settings). You can search the forum for more tips/howto about the timer channel.

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Which door sensor are you using within Olisto ?

I want a button to turn a light on and off depending if its on it must go off and other way arond. Dont want two seperate buttons. How do i do that?

I tried follow your instruction but it not work :frowning: Can you share details?

When you write that it does not work, I suppose that means that the switch did not turn on 3 seconds after pressing the now button? What do you see in the activity logs at the bottom of both of the trigg screens? And are you sure that the switch works correctly without the timer?

I tried change timer to 5 s and work well. Why is not support timmer lower then 5s? I using it for door sensor to garden which switch garden light if I open it for walk to garden. But often I open same door for open for dog go to garden and back and then I need not switch light around house and on garden. The procces with the dog is cca 2s. So the 5sec for my entrance to garden is so long becouse you spend time in dark till 5sec expire and light switch on

Ah yes, there is a minimum timer value of 5 seconds to prevent abuse. I think I understand your use-case, we’ll consider if we can change something about it.