Hue device is showing up in Channel but not in Triggs


App version: 2.27.2
Phone OS: 14.3
Problem description:
I added the device “Vijverspot” in Hue.
The device is showing up in the channel:

but not in the Trigs list


Already tried to log out Hue and Olisto, even tried to disconnect the Hue Channel, but nothing helped.
Can someone please help me how I can solve this?

Could you try force-closing the app and re-opening, and see if that solves it?
If not, is your Vijverspot a different type of light? What is the action you are creating?

Hi Daniel,
I just found mij own solution, since counting the trigs I missed 4 devices, exactly the number of smart plugs, so I found in “slimme stekers”.
Thanks also for replying.

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That explains :slight_smile: