How to choose Google Sheet

I’m trying to create a Trigg that logs weight data from a Nokia Body+ scale to a Google Sheet.

I can set it up and connect to the default Olisto Google Sheet that is created but I can not figure out how to select another Google Sheet.

Can someone let me know how we change the Sheet in use by the trigg?

Thank you!

Hi @phillcoxon

Here’s the solution for you, go to Google Sheets and open the folder TriggiApp (yeah we need to rename that thing still…) and make a new sheet in that folder. After that, you can choose this sheet in your Olisto app!

Let me know if this works.

Frank Meeuwsen

I created on Google sheets /TriggiApp 2 new sheets next to the existing Olisto.gsheet, however I still can select which sheet to use. What I’m doing wrong