How do I set a notification for cold weather in the night?

I’d like to set a notification for when it’s going to go below freezing in the night, so I know to pull down the blinds as well as drawing the curtains.

I can see how to set a notification if it’s nighttime, time between say 15:30 and 23:40, and below 2°C, on the assumption that it will probably drop lower in the small hours, but it may not get that cold.

I can also see a “tomorrow’s weather” option, but that’s not specific to the current night, and could be the night after.

How do I set this up?

Hi @Eve1,

Thank you for being active on the forum!

If I understand correctly, what you want to do is to get a notification whenever the forecast for the coming night includes temperatures below 2 degrees. You want the notification to pop up somewhere in the evening before you go to sleep because you need to adjust the curtains and blinds manually. (Please correct me if I misunderstood your goal or the exact problem you’re facing.)

You can set it up using the options you already mentioned. You will have 2 “when” conditions:

  • When > Time & day > Time is in between … > [insert your preferred time range for receiving the notification]
  • When > Weather > Tomorrow’s weather > Temperature low > is below 2 degrees.

“Tomorrow’s weather” means the day after weather, so every day the trigg will check for the temperature tomorrow. It will evaluate temperatures during the entire day, not only during the night. However, most likely the lowest temperatures are during the night anyway so most of the time it should work the way you intend.

I hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Yes, it’s working! Though thankfully the weather is warmer now. The only time it goes wrong is if the weather is due to go below freezing the night after this current one, say at 6pm the next day. But it won’t happen often, and it doesn’t hurt to draw the blinds a few extra times. It’s certainly helping us keep the flat warmer.

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