Homebridge support

Just started wit a docker instance on my nas with homebridge, i could find a few old topics about it on google but all information seems to be deleted.

Is it possible to create a plugin like ifttt with triggi?

Hi @RedDwarf

Sounds like a nice project, Docker on your NAS. One of our users made a plugin for Homebridge to work with Triggi. You can read about it on our blog and try it yourself with this repo.
Let us know how it works for you!

Hi Frank, thanks for your reply and the docker instance on a Synology NAS works like a charm.
I already installed the plugins for hue, netatmo and nest for testing and now was trying to work with the homebridge-triggi plugin but I get an error on the Triggi Connector page?

I enter a name, select the button Save connector and nothing happens?

Hi @RedDwarf

Due to holidays it has been quiet here, apologies. We had a few bugs with Triggi Connect back then. As far as I can see everything works fine again. Can you make Connectors now?