Help with Lifx sunset trigg

I already have my Lifx bulbs set to change colours gradually over the day, beginning with a pretty multicoloured sunrise in the morning and fading down through warm white, gold, orange and red over the late afternoon and evening. As I live quite far north, these settings are fixed and unrelated to local sunrise/sunset times. I have a number of Lifx scenes and schedules running throughout the day.

I’d like to add a pink tinge to some of the lights for an hour around sunset. Sunset varies between 15:40 in midwinter and 22:00 in midsummer, so the colours my bulbs are at on their Lifx scheduling around sunset will vary enormously over the year. (OK, I may not bother around midsummer.) I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this.

Ideally, I’d like something like the Breathe function, but with it fading to and from the colour that it already is programmed as under Lifx, rather than suddenly changing to colour 1, fading slowly to colour 2 and back, and then suddenly snapping back to whatever the programmed colour was with Lifx. If I do that, I’ll get yells of, “Did the lights just change?” from my startled partner.

It would help to know how light changes are priotisied with Olisto and Lifx instructions. For instance, if I have a one-hour Lifx schedule at 5pm, and start a 30 min Breathe pattern from Olisto at 4:45, then from what I can tell, the Olisto pattern starts at 4:45, goes on for the full half hour, and then at 5:15 it changes to whatever the lights would have been under that stage in the Lifx schedule, and keep changing according to that schedule. That’s brilliant. (At least, as far as I recall. My Olisto schedules haven’t been working for a while, and I’ve been tweaking things to get them live again.)

Anyway, I am trying to figure out solutions in my head, and I am not sure any of them will work smoothly. Any suggestions? I’m happy to set up a variety of triggs for sunset at different times, if it helps.

I suspect the best solution would be if Breathe could start with the light as it is already programmed to be with Lifx and fade smoothly to and from that, but I don’t know if it’s possible.

It works! It’s going to be a bit tricky to integrate it with all my Lifx schedules, but the day length changes slowly enough that I have time. The Olisto instructions do indeed override the Lifx ones. So here’s what I’ve done.

There is a Lifx scene for pastel pink that take 30 min to run. I set that up in Olisto for 30 min before sunset. I’m going to need variations with a deeper pink for when sunset is later, but I’ll fine-tune those at the time.

I’ve then set up Lifx scenes that duplicate the various ones I already have for different times in the evening, but they all take 30 min to run. The Olisto triggs will select one to run at sunset, with parameters for time between which make it the right one to return the light to whichever light it should be for that time in the evening.

I went for a hot pink, which adds the right warm cast to the light in the room and really does give a feeling of sunset.