Hardware buttons for Olisto available?


Who knows if there is a hardware button available, which I can use to trigger a Olisto action?

I would like to use such a button to trigger multiple actions via Olisto (like my KAKU ICS2000 scene + Google sheet entry + heating etc.). So, I’m looking for an external, hardware based Olisto Now option :wink:

My first idea was to use the KAKU switches for this, but unfortunately ICS-2000 and Olisto is one-way only: Olisto -> ICS2000.

I’ve seen the NFC tag option as well, which looks great, but unfortunately I do not have the proper hardware (phone) to use this option.



Koen and I already a mailconversation on this but it’s good to share it here as well: We regularly get questions about the KlikAanKlikUit switches. Together with them we are investigating how we can support this. Another way outside NFC to use hardware would be via a programmable button that is linked to the internet via your phone. In combination with Olisto Connect you can run triggs. An example is the Flic button: https://flic.io/
However, they are not cheap and there must be a telephone with accompanying app nearby.
Alternatively, you can make something with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino yourself. But you would need some soldering- and programmingskills to make it. Any other ideas on programmable hardware buttons are welcome!



Is there maybe any news to mention regarding the above? Or do you maybe support any other (new) buttons/switches?

Thanks a lot.