Google calendar entries

Is it possible to create an alert (trigger) based on the calendar so that it will turn a light on , a couple of hours before the event takes place.
I don’t understand the options in google calendar

You could have Google Calendar send you an email alert a couple of hours before the event and trigger on that.

Thanks , but that is not an option as the calendar entries are not owned by me , but are generated by a sports club for the whole season.

Reading the calender entries are sufficient

Thanks , can you please expain what to do.
Btw the gmail trigger is no longer supported I think

You can do a lot with a Google Docs script. For example I have one that sends a web request when a matching Gmail label is detected, either to Olisto or Home Assistant. Google scripts are allowed to access gmail messages or calendar entries in your Google account. Google Scripts are javascript, but even if you’re not fluent in javascript, there are lots of coding examples, and Google has a good interactive development and debug environment. Also ChatGPT can write javascript.