Geen verbinding onze servers



Wat betekent dit - gebeurt als ik dag&tojd aanklik in een trigger
Internet is prima!
Jan Blankensteijn

Hi @JanB,

Thank you for being active on the forum! I am sorry you are experiencing trouble with the app.
Could you please specify a bit more in detail what you did before you got to this screen? I tried to make some triggs with Time & Day channel but wasn’t able to reproduce the error.

Best wishes,

Dear Joanna

Thank you for your reply.

It occurred with any trigger (new or existing) when using time/day and specifically the day/night button.

But just now, I tried to reproduce it but it seems to work fine - so let’s see. If it recurs I will let you know.

Thanks again


Hi Jan,

Ok, I’m glad it works now! It might be that we had a temporary outage for that service, hopefully it doesn’t happen more often. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

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