"Gardena smart system"-Channel would be nice!

What kind of functionality are you thinking of (delete what is not applicable):

Channel / More conditions or actions to existing

Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home?

There’s is a IFTTT functionality and access via Alexa/Google and a separate App available.
Th communication-structure of the Gardena-System is relatively complex, I guess, as all devices communicating via a “smartgate” which establishings a communication over the gardena network.

What functionality would you like to propose:

I didn’t get all the specs of the Gardena smart system but would like to integrate a function to stop the mower while garden irrigation is active (as otherwise the mower drives against the water sprinkler).
Also other parking/working actions would be helpful (p.e. note mowing-times in excel or note irrigation times respectivley durations in excel or send push notification for actions,…)

Would be nice if someone could get into it.

Felle free to contact me if there are any questions.

Best regards.