Free@home Connection failed

App version: 2.35.0
Phone OS: Android 13 or IOS both are not working
Problem description: I logged out from the Busch-Jäger free@home channel and reinstalled the Olisto app. Now when connecting to Busch-Jäger I get the message “busch-free@home channel connection broken.” What can I do?

I have the same problem.

Last summer the connection worked perfectly. In the fall I still managed to connect, but my actors and scenes were no longer visible in the app at ollisto. Now I get a connection error.

Zijn er meer gebruikers met dit probleem?


I have the same problem since a few days. Olisto triggs can be activated but the free@home devices do not react. So I disconnected the free@home channel and activated it again. The connection seems to be succesfull but now I all my free@home devices are not visible any more.
Is there a general cloud to cloud problem between Olisto and Busch Jäger? My free@home SysAp is connected to Busch Jäger Cloud.
What can I do?

Thanks and best regards

Hi @SimonGu , do you still have this problem? I do see Busch devices connected to your account.
When you didn’t see the devices, I suppose it was right after you reconnected the channel. Did you try force-closing and re-opening the app by any chance?

Hi @Daniel,
I was able to solve the problem. Reconnecting the channel and closing the app was unsuccessful. Bushjäger support said I should deactivate and activate the Olisto user in free@home…also not successful. Then I disconnected the channel in the Olisto app and deleted the Olisto user in free@home. After reconnecting the free@home channel in the app, it took about half a day for the new Olisto user to be automatically created in free@home. Then I opened the Olisto app and received the message “Connection to free@home interrupted”. However, after reconnecting the channel I saw all my free@home devices. So I believe the Olisto user was broken in my free@home system.

Wow, that was quite an ordeal then @SimonGu . Happy that you got it back to work. And thank you for describing all these steps, hopefully it will help others that struggle with the same issue!