Feature Request - no leading apostrophe for data written to Google Sheets Columns

I would respectfully request that Olisto be able to copy text to columns in a Google Sheet without a leading apostrophe(’) which converts all values to text. This would allow for actual formulas to be passed to the Google Sheet and thereby allow for calculations to be completed with the addition of each row.

Stringify, passes data to each column by seperating each value by a vertical pipe( | ) which is then split into seperate columns. IFTTT uses 3 vertical pipes( ||| ) to signal a new column and text is copied as it is entered.

With this feature, I would be able to not only capture when I enter and leave the office, but compute duration or time spent in the office by including a formula which would first check to see if the previous entry was an “Entry” and if so then subtract the Entry time from the Departure time on the current row and display departure.

Maybe you could create a script in Google Sheets to remove the leading apostrophe automatically when the cell value changes.