Ewelink no Action


Trigger not working with Ewelink.

Same goes here cannot trigger with sonoff. Sonoff motion sensor detecs motion but the trigger is not run. Only if you disable an enable the trigger while motion sensor is still sensing than it triggers. But it never triggers automatically.

Yeah. Exactly the same. I wrote to them few days ago and no answer

Hello @yamintony and @Umut_Gultay,
We discovered that there’s been an issue with our system in the past week where some triggs were not stored correctly which causes them not to be executed. This is probably the reason for your triggs not working. The issue is resolved now, however triggs stored during this period will still not work.

Could you try recreating or editing your triggs and see if it works properly then?

Hello Daniel,

Yes now it is working fine.
Are you going to add more devices like 2 channels and 4 Channels from Ewelink/Sonoff.
Do you plan adding Telegram as new service in the triggers?

I have a samsung watch and loaded olisto on it. Created a few buttons. One for geyser on One for gate trigger One for pool pump on. But only geyer On is showing on the watch. If i click the buttons on my phone manualy say for the pool pump it switches it on and off immediately. Doesnt stay on. Any ideas?