Edit trigg items


How can I edit a trigg to change, remove, or re-sequence a step? It seems i need to create a new trigg if I’ve made a mistake.


Rechts boven zie je … (3 puntjes dus)
Klik daarop en je ziet de mogelijkheden.

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I apologize. It looks like the issue is specific to the “Someone entered or left location” trigg. I cannot see a way to edit or delete this one.
Also, is there a way to re-sequence the order in which the triggs are evaluated?


You can open a step within a trigg by tapping it. Then you should see a trash icon in the top right.

Regarding the order of the steps:

  • For the conditions (the Whens), the order doesn’t matter since all have to be true for the trigg to be activated.
  • For the actions (the Thens), we launch them in order. However, we do not wait for the response of each action before continuing to the next (this is to avoid errors caused by 3rd parties). Therefore, we cannot ensure the order of execution. If this is crucial for your trigg, you can use the timer channel to add a fixed delay to make sure they properly go in order.