Delay and action order

I’ve created a Trigg that turns on specific lights downstairs when my alarm goes of.

This works really well except for the fact that I want a delay of a few minutes after the alarm trigger. I need to dress first before I head downstairs.

If Trigg actions are executed in order of appearance, the first action would be “wait 5 minutes” and then turn on lights.

Such delays can also be used for actions that are dependent on eachother (first action has to complete before the next).

Hi Lancer, you made me curious in which alarm system you have.
Mine has no possibility yet to connect with Triggi and/or Hue.
In my case I would prefer to switch on some of my Hue’s immediately in Red and blink until the status is normal again or after a definition in time.
Regards Theo.

I have a Logitech Squeezebox.

I defined a Triggi Connect URL as a radio station and placed it in a playlist with a real station.

The Squeezebox shows an error when the alarm goes of, but the lights are on and music is playing (assuming the real radio station was after the Connect URL in the playlist)

Hi Lancer, thanks for your response. I’m not familiar with that one but oke. I’ve to wait for my specific Channel.
Regards, Theo.

Hi @lancer

Yes, delays are on our todo list. It would be too easy to say that they’re delayed… But seriously, we will support delays in a future update. I can’t tell you exactly when or in what timeframe.

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Delays zijn wél mogelijk in een Scene van KAKU. Dit lost dit probleem niet voor alles en iedereen op, maar is in sommige gevallen wel een tussenoplossing. Zo heb ik een Trigg die 20 min. na zonsondergang een Woonkamer AAN scene in KAKU start, die over een periode van 30 min. 4 lampen aanzet.