Deactivating triggs

App version: 2.30.4
Phone OS: iOS
Problem description:

How can I create a trigg to deactivate or activate another trigg? For example, I have a trigg which activate the heater based on the room temparature, but sometimes I want to turn on the heater with a button, but if the room temparature is high it is turned off automaticaly. How can I deactivate my trigg when I press the button to turn on my heater?

What you could try:

  • Use the Olisto Connect channel to create a ‘Connector’, name it something like ‘automatic heating’
  • Create two Now-buttons and triggs to set the connector to values like “on” and “off”
  • Use the value of the connector as an extra condition (value of connector is "on") in the triggs that control your heating

I got it. Thank you, I think it will work.

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