Data usage Triggi app Android

Last month Triggi used almost 37Mb mobile data, while I’m on WIFI from 7-16 and 1630-6:30. So only 1hour on mobile network per day.
I have about 6 triggi’s with text only in/output and have a time range wherein they are active. So they are active for specific time only.
This makes Triggi the third app in the list of data usage.(Only Flitsmeister and Google maps are higher, but that looks plausible, cause these apps are specifically used when on mobile network(on the road).
How is the data usage of the Triggi app(on Android) build up?

Hi @Floriszz

Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. To be honest, I haven’t seen that much data usage for our app ever. It’s hard to pinpoint where this might go wrong for your specific phone and usage. Did you give location permissions and do you use the location channel? Because if you don’t I’d advice to turn off the location permission in Android settings and see if that makes a difference. Location data would be the only culprit to my knowledge who could do this.

Let me know how it works out for you!

Yes I had location enabled for Triggi. But there were nog Triggs based on my phones location though.
I re-enabled app permission managemet and set it to ‘always ask’ and the next month was much better…