Can't register toon channel

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The Olisto app
toon channel

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I have checked the Olisto FAQ
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What version of the app do you have?

You can check in the app this under ‘More --> Profile --> Settings’


Which device and operating system do you have?

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OnePlus 3

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Adding the room trigger asks me to log in. After logging in the webpage shows;

{"fault":{"faultstring":"Execution of ServiceCallout SC-eneco-login failed. Reason: ResponseCode 500 is treated as error","detail":{"errorcode":"steps.servicecallout.ExecutionFailed"}}}

Was it a one-time event or reproducible?

One-time event
Reproducible by registering toon as a new channel

What did you already try to fix the problem?

Restarting the app, reconnecting the channel

Same problem here. Toon hardware not visible in Olisto or Google home app

I fixed this by logging in using my Eneco credentials instead of my toon credentials

We are aware of the problem and are working on solutions. For some it may work again already, for some it may not. We will keep you posted on further development.