Bugs in connector iOs app

It is difficult to setup a connector in the iOs app.

How can I create a new connector? This does not seem possible anymore with the latest iOs update. It keeps asking me for the public token, but when I fill in my public token it says it is not in use.

Also when creating a trigg, using connector condition does not work properly. As far as I can tell there is no way to enter a connector value. Trying to use the connector it keeps saying ‘You’re not done yet, Please make sure everything is filled in!’, which makes sense, except that there is no way to fill everything in!


Hey Joris

Did you make a connector on the website at https://triggi.com/connect? And is it not visible in the app? That might mean we have a bug. I can’t reproduce it right away but will look into it some more and report back!

Hi Frank, it works when I create a connector on the website. I thought that was also possible on the iOS app, or is that only for importing other connectors?
Can you try creating a new trigger in the iOs app and setting a value for a connection. It seems to be impossible to set the connector value.
For existing triggs it seems to work, but still it takes some fiddling.