Brinno Duo doorcam compatibility

App version: 2.27.2
Phone OS: iOS 14.0 (Apple iPhone)
Problem description: The Brinno Duo doorcam app does not yet have connectivity to Olisto. However, it does send push-notifications or e-mails if motion is detected and/or the camera is activated.

Is there a workaround to create a Trigg based on such Push-notification coming from the Brinno App?

Apologies if my question is obvious. I am a novice in such applications and could not find any info elsewhere. Brinno states that they have no collaboration with any IoT solutions company yet. Thanks and looking forward to hearing if my question makes sense.

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Hello @mgvdwiel, apologies for our late response.
Thank you for taking the time to send us your feature request.

You cannot create a workaround based on Push-notifications coming from other apps.
What I suggest is creating a feature request for Brinno Duo products compatibility.

We have a small team, so we want to know which requests to focus on. We get a feel for the popularity of request by having the request at: For each request there you can vote. So if your request is not yet there, please post it there.
For requests for new channels, we are depended on the availability and accessibility of cloud API’s of these channels.

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