Battery drain awfully fast

For some reason since the last few days triggi’s drain’s my battery slot faster than it did normally. Is this only on my phone or are there others with the same problem? I mainly use it to switch the lights on and off and am not sure if there is a specific channel. But in the battery settings function of my phone triggi used over 30 pct of the battery life…

Hi @Fryskje, that’s not a good sign! We don’t see these kind of numbers in our own tests but it’s definitely something we have to look into. Do you use the Location channel in your trigg? Because constant use of GPS can drain your battery.
Did you notice this behavior when you updated to the new version of the app?

Please let me know and I will see what we can do to help you out.



I have 2 location set, but am not using it anymore, so ill remove them Right away. I started noticing the drainage after the last update with the widget. Going to remove those locations now and monitor the drainage and will come back at this in a few days.

After removal af the entire location channel, the problem still exists. Only had wm2 triggis active today. 1 that activated my living room lights and deactivated them when I left for work. The phone was at full health when I left for work 5am and at 10am battery life was already below 70% and only used the phone to send 2 whatsapp messages. @ this rate it draines that quickly that I deactivated the app. What can I or u guys do about this?

I’ll check with our team and see what the best way is to help you. We might contact you privately over e-mail if that’s OK.

Hi Fryskje,

Did you confirm through your battery usage screen on Android that Triggi is still using this much of your battery life? Unfortunately you’re the first user who reported this issue with Android, could you send me a PM with the email address you registered with in the Triggi app? I’ll set up similar triggs, and connect the same channels, on my personal phone to see if I can get to the bottom of what’s causing the increased battery usage.

Kind regards,


That’s Oké off course