Authentification loss to thinka


App version: __________
Phone OS: 14.4.1

I use the Olisto App already for a long time. Triggs with Thinka where working fine. Now there is a channel loss to thinka regulary. I restartet my thinka. Disabled the pairing and started new pair. Olisto and cloud Service are marked online in thinka. The connection only lasts for a short while. Then again the massage „Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen“

What can I do?

Thank you-

Hi @dr_quincy , there was indeed a problem with the channel. It should be fixed now, can you check if it works normally again?

Hi Daniel, as far as I can see everything works fine now again. The channel is permanently online. Tonight I will check if my triggs work correctly, as well. Thank you for the help. I love to use olisto.

Good Morning. The channel was marked green the whole evening, but after starting the trigg in the morning it was broken again. in the activity log was to find: olisto/channel-unreachable
I deleted the thinka channel in the olisto app, and closed the connection via my thinka, afterwards I restored it, paired again and newly set up the triggs, as well. Now the channel and triggs are working fine as before. In the activity log I find anyway: olisto/caught-exception at the time the trigger started. But this was also to find sometime earlier and didn’t harm the action.

Unfortunately the problem is not solved yet. The thinka channel is not reachable. „Login is lapesed“ Please new authentification! Channel an triggs have red exclamation marks.
I deleted the App on my IPad, deleted the channel and unpaired Olisto on the thinka webinterface. After installing and new Login everything is marked green. Shortly later everything is broken again. Is there help possible? Thank You.

Happy easter!

Hi @dr_quincy , could you check if if works correctly now?

Thank you for fixing the problem! Channel and triggs are marked green and work again. (at least for the past 2 days)
Only in the log I find: unbehobener Fehler: olisto/caught-exception
This log entry appears already since I use your service in combination with my thinka (1 year?), but the triggs work, which ist the important thing on it.
Thank you
Greetings from Bremen/Germany

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