Apple Watch integration


Where is the Apple watch integration? I would like to initiate actions from my Apple watch, and have an overview of latest automated actions: an action log…

Where is the app?

Kind regards,
Dirk Niestadt

Dear Dirk,

The Watch integration is very much on our wishlist. However this currently does not have our priority. Hopefully we’ll see this feature in the future.

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Hi Dirk,

It’s been a while, but since today the watch app is available from the Apple watch app store!
For now, no action log for the watch, but buttons are there indeed!

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Hello Rémy,
Thank you! That’s terrific news. Great that you actually included this feature and thank you for notifying me!

Kind regards, Dirk


Hoi Rémy,
Weer een verbetering!
Het werkt top op m’n Apple Watch, ben er blij mee

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