App update broke Android 7

I made the mistake of updating the Olisto app to version 2.32.1 (May 19 2022) on the Android 7 phone where I normally run it.
The update installed, it showed a startup screen when I ran it, and then a blank white screen. It didn’t get any further.
2nd try: Uninstalled it, re-installed it. This time it showed me introductory screens and prompted me to create an account or log in to my existing account. I clicked on Log In. Result: blank white screen again.

I uninstalled it again, restored backup version 2.25.6 of the app, and that version works fine.

The new version works on Android 11, just not on Android 7.

Ah, thank you for the insight. Yes, we currently no longer test for android 7, but should still support it. Actually, we even support android 5. I think what happened is that in some of the optimization changes we have used some unsupported code. That’s why you’ll be able to see the login screen (because that page is excluded from those changes).

Long story short, we’ll look into it. For now, you won’t be missing out much by staying on the older version. If you’d like I can send you an intermediate version (just before the optimization changes) while we find a fix.