Android Widget, buttons and icons

Hi Triggi team!

Since two days I’m hooked to Triggi and my KAKU devices with ICS-2000.
So far it works as designed, and I’m looking for new applications every day. Soon I need to replace my thermostat as well, and looking forward to use a Triggi ‘compatible’ device.

Back to my topic. I was evaluating the Widget functionality of Triggi, but I don’t like the tray of buttons on the pull-down notification area. I see a risk in accidently touching a button and starting a Trigg. This is not a problem with a lamp, but can be bad when i lower my sunscreens by accident when not at home. I know I can use weather conditions.

It would be nice to do the following:

  1. A widget function where i can put a Trigg button as an icon on one of my Android homescreens.
  2. Be able to use illustrated icons for lights, screens, sensors.
  3. In addition to point 2. An option to show/hide button text.
  4. A General setting to add a ‘are you sure’ confirmation on certain Triggs.

The purpose of these requests is to create a remote control like page where i can order my buttons, and recognize them by icon (i.e. Icon of sunscreen with a nr. on or below it)

So I love Triggi, and the potential is great! I hope you develop the app further and implement the features listed above.

Kind Regards,


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I shared your first part with the rest of the team and they loved it.

Great feedback William.
We are currently working on other design issues, but the widgets have our attention also.
Very soon it will be possible to configure the Now buttons more.

Ik wil hier op inhaken betreffende de widget.
Ik kom tot de conclusie dat er maximaal 18 knoppen worden getoond (zowel op mijn telefoon als tablet).
Daarbij denk ik meer aan een aparte standaard widget waarin er geen(?) beperking is. Dan denk aan een widget die min of meer overeenkomst met het NOW-scherm en die dan tot een scherm groot kan worden ingesteld met een scroll-functie.

Indien gewenst kan ik er een aparte request van maken.