Alexa Action as trigger for alexa routines

Dear community, I am currently looking for a solution to trigger a new alexa routine with a trigg.

Use case: If netatmo deceted a temperature higher than 23 degrees start a alexa routine.
The routine starts my fan. I have connected the fan via broadlink to alexa.

Do you have any idea how implement this?

Best Paul

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Im Looking for the Same Feature. For Ifttt there is a Tool called Send Alexa Action by mkzense. It Can link an ifttt Applet With an Alexa Routine like „if Carbon dioxide is above 1000ppm then Alexasend triggers Ventilator“
But Netatmo doesnt Seem to Work wird ifttt. Is there Similar Solution for Olisto avaiable?


Currently this is not supported in Olisto, but it sounds like a very nice feature to request :wink:

Dear Daniel, could you please give us some tips for this request.
Should we send it to Broadlink or Olisto?

Maybe it’s easier to implement a feature to trigger Alexa routines directly?

Would be great, if this feature will get implemented!

What I meant is to make a feature request in the forum, over here: so that others can vote for it.