A mail reminder when your house uses too Much power during night

I have added a new trigg based on the new Toon features.

IF power usage > 110 wats
IF 2 am

THEN send mail “power usage too high”

Tuning is Needed, but when you like safe energy, this is a good starting point. Just found how to add the current power measurement from Toon. Now this is pretty cool!

Let me get it clear for myself. You want a push message/e-mail when youre power consumption gets higer then 110watts? If so, then is this youre trig:

ALS part:

Will check the follow things:

Now power usage
if it is 2am

Then part:

Will send a e-mail when IF/ALS part is ok.

Lets try it. Let me know if this trig works or not. :wink:

Hi @mAiden Ricardo. Thanks for the response.
I did create the trig, and it works, but the question was how to add the measured power in the mail.
Today I found out how this works, by adding a variable.