When does a status change trigger a Trigg?

For example the Nest Protect smoke/CO detector allows a trigger condition “When Nest occupancy status is Home”. But Home is an ongoing condition, so is this trigg activated only when the Nest occupancy status first changes to Home, or is it accidentally being activated continuously unless another condition like a time of day is added ? I hope it is activated only when the status changes, so perhaps the wording of the condition should make that clear and say “When Nest occupancy status CHANGES to Home”.

No experience with nest, but with the trigg “when someone is home send push message” this only triggers the first time.
you can test your nest trigg by using a push message and connect it to the end solution if it works as expected
Hope this helps

Thanks. I think that it does work like that, but the way the condition is stated without mentioning that it triggers on change seems a bit unclear, at least in English.

Some explanation on this can be found here: Entering or Leaving a Location